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The increasing requirement for social care for the elderly, for the disabled and for young people, combined with increasingly limited resources in the public sector are prompting local authorities to enter into ever-closer partnerships with private organisations.

In the current climate of subsidiarity and horizontal integration, Sereni Orizzonti SpA has entered into partnerships with many public authorities, including municipal and regional councils and healthcare institutions and consortia, to design, build and manage social care facilities for the elderly, and to design and establish specialist centres for the disabled and rehabilitation centres for young people. Our extensive experience in caring for a range of different service users and designing social care facilities goes hand in hand with our constantly-evolving legal and organisational skills, to help public authorities seek out the best public-private collaborative solutions and put our investment opportunities in the best public-private partnership tools at the disposal of communities.

Collaborations of this type have produced integrative models increasingly geared towards responding to the care needs of service users, saving public resources and improving local services.

By sharing our values, methodologies and objectives with the public sector, Sereni Orizzonti SpA can create flexible solutions based on the actual needs of the community they are designed for.