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With 20 years' experience in managing residential care homes for the elderly, we understand what constitutes the best living conditions for the people in our care. We have identified the ideal architectural and home automation standards, equal to those we would wish to have in our own homes, to ensure our residents enjoy a welcoming, functional, comfortable and stimulating atmosphere.
Our technical department and our professional partners are highly specialised in designing and creating residential social healthcare facilities for the elderly and the disabled, and in managing treatment and rehabilitation centres for young people and the disabled.
Sereni Orizzonti SpA is currently constructing new residential facilities; a list is provided in the, "under construction" section.


Based on analysis of local requirements, Sereno Orizzonti SpA designs, builds and manages residential homes for the elderly to the highest architectural and home automation standards, using experimental building automation solutions and biomedical sensors to provide as many services as possible.
In terms of our own enterprises too, Sereni Orizzonti SpA remains in constant liaison with various public departments to ensure effective collaboration and respond to specific local requirements.


Sereni Orizzonti SpA assesses purchases made by private third-party entities and local authorities concerning:

  • plots of land for building residential healthcare facilities;
  • existing facilities already operating in the social care sector;
  • private and public-sector businesses that manage social and healthcare services.